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80% of New Years resolutions fail by February, 5 tips on how to make progress this year

You wipe the slate clean with a new year and reset your goals and priorities promising that this year you’ll do better. Unfortunately most people have given up on their New Years Resolutions by February. Sticking to a resolution or achieving a goal requires motivation, purpose and planning.

Here’s my tips for having a successful year:

1. Don’t just set goals, make a plan as to what you have to do to achieve them. Break them down into bit size chunks that take you a step closer to your bigger goal.

2. Everyone talks about SMART goals in business, but there’s research to suggest that they don’t motivate us and we should make them HARD goals. Goals that actually challenge us a bit. You want to feel like you’ve achieved something great when you reach your goal.

3. Don’t have too many goals. Choose 2-3 in different key areas of your life where you’d like to see change.

4. Think about why you want to achieve the goal. What does this mean for you? And remind yourself of this when you start to loose focus.

5. Focus on a period shorter than a year. 90 days is much more manageable. If your plan’s not working out then you can change it and still have a chance of achieving your goals rather than just giving up.

Set yourself up for a successful year. Be game to grow.


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