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The 10 Year Challenge

2019 kicked off on social media with the #tenyearchallenge where people share a picture of themselves 10 years ago alongside one from today to show how amazing they still look and how they haven’t aged a day.

While I’m not about to go and upload my comparison photo on Facebook, there’s merit in taking a moment to reflect on life and ask “are you happy with what you’ve done and achieved?”

When I’ve posed this question in conversations recently, the answer has often been “no”. The person feels stuck and unsure how things have gone wrong or off track from the dreams their younger self had.

There’s usually a multitude of reasons why we believe this is the case, life happens, things get in the way and our priorities and interests change. Ultimately, achievement and success require us to being clear about what we want to achieve and we need to make progress towards those goals. This is supported by recent research which suggests that we most regret not becoming the person we feel we could have become, if only we had tried. If your goal is to climb a mountain, the only way to get there is to start climbing.

How will you make progress today?


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