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The most important factor to your success is …

For many of us having a successful career is a goal we’re working towards, but what are the magic ingredients that lead to success? Is it our IQ, our EQ, our natural abilities, our connections, being in the right place at the right time or some other X factor?

Research by psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth suggests the key to success is Grit. She defines grit as the passion and perseverance for long-term goals. Running a marathon not a sprint. Being resilient.

This doesn’t mean doing the same thing over and over again hoping that the next time you try you’ll succeed. It means you are persevering to achieve your goals and you are growing and learning new things to help you get there. If you’re a basketballer, then yes you will spend a lot of time practicing shooting hoops, but to be successful, you will be continually learning to improve your technique and game play.

Working hard without resilience and without making progress will lead to burnout not success. You need to be making progress and recover quickly from your setbacks to be successful. Making progress may actually be learning from a failure that will take you forward in a different direction.

Those who are thriving in their careers have a growth mindset. They believe they are able to grow and develop their abilities as aposed to those with a fixed mindset who believe their intelligence and talent are fixed and can’t be improved. The most successful basketball player in NBA history, Michael Jordan experienced failure early in his career, he didn’t make the cut for his high school basketball team. It made him determined to succeed and become better. His perseverance and growth mindset led to his success.

Our mindset can propel us or prevent us from fulfilling our potential. Allow yourself to believe you can grow and be persistent in your efforts to achieve your goals.

How will you make progress today?


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